How to create a single column (multiple group) grouping in SSRS

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DevinKnight said:

Wish I would have found this earlier.  I ended spending 30 minutes trying to figure out how to do this last week.

rv7a99cv said:

Thank you for your post, works very well BUT if the value of the category or model is null then you will see a blank space between rows.  I tried to use the =IIF(Fields!txtData2.Value IS NOTHING, True, False) but that does not work either. 

Is there anyway I can fix it?


I personally would deal with that at the stored procedure level. If the value is null, either set it as 'Unknown', otherwise just return the value.

Daniel said:

If this layout is not an intial design requirement, this is an excellent way to get the layout as you want.  If you know you want this ahead of time, add your groups with headers and then stack the group names and use padding as you suggest.

I have had a lot of issues deleting columns resulting in permanently killing the RepeatOnNewPage = True setting for the column headers.  You can set it but it no longer works.  What is your experience with the process above affecting repeating column headers?  When I stack the group names in this way, I do not delete the columns that were added by the group, I just physically collapse them to nothing so I don't mess up the repeating column headers.

Great blog, thanks.

user002263 said:
After going nuts for a couple of hours trying to figure this out, I went to Google, queried "ssrs put group name over columns" and this was the first link. Perfect!!!!! ty.
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