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Conditional formatting using multiple conditions - Excel 2007

  • 3 March 2011
  • Author: indupriya
  • Number of views: 102887

Today I had a requirement to colour code in Excel based on a few conditions.  At first I thouhgt I could use thre to four rules in the conditional formatting to achieve this result but when I did that the results that I was getting was not very satisfactory.  So I thought I would try the And function of excel in conjunction with the conditional formatting and it worked wonders.

I wanted the entire row to be highlighted in a certain colour based on three conditions.

Here are the steps I followed to achieve what I was after.

  • Select all the data that you want to colour code.
  • Click on Conditional Formating on the Home Tab
  • Choose Manage Rules as shown below

Manage Rules

  • From the dialog that appears click New Rule
  • Add the multiple conditions using the And function in the formula box.
  • The most important thing you need to do when you are adding the formula to highlight rows is to remove the $ sign that gets assigned when you choose the cell for entering a formula with a mouse.
  • Choose the colour by clicking the format button and click ok
  • Click Ok again to come out of the Manage Rules window.
  • As you can see below I have added two rules and it is giving me the result that I want.




This trick I am sure can be used in the Business Intelligence world when your interface is Excel.




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