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Alternating Group Colors and Alternating Row Colors

  • 4 June 2010
  • Author: briankmcdonald
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Alternating Group Colors and Alternating Row Colors

After posting my recent blog about Alternating Group Colors, I’ve been asked several times about how one could also alternate the colors within the group. As such, I fired up Business Development Studio and made a copy of my Alternating Group Color report. I opened up my expression editor as shown in Figure 1 and tweaked it to what I have below.

=IIF(RunningValue(Fields!Category.Value,COUNTDISTINCT,NOTHING) MOD 2 = 0

,IIF(ROWNUMBER(NOTHING) MOD 2=0,"PaleGreen","White")

,IIF(ROWNUMBER(NOTHING) MOD 2=1,"White","PaleGreen"))

As shown in figure 1 below, select the FIELDS that you want to apply the alternating colors expression on (shown by the RED SQUARE). Then open the properties for your selection. Navigate to the Fill – Background Color property (shown by the YELLOW HIGHLIGHT) and enter the expression shown above.

Figure 1: Sample

Fields Selected for Expression 

Using the AdventureWorks database as my source and the above sample, you will have similar results as shown in Figure 3. I have provided both screenshots so that you can see a side by side comparison of alternating group colors.

Figure 2: Alternating Group Color Results (Zoomed Out)                                               Figure 3: Alternating Groups and Inside Rows

Alternating Group Colors Only                     Alternating Groups and Row Colors


For your convenience, I have included a zip file containing this example project. You can download it HERE.

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Until next time, “keep your ear to the grindstone” – Good Will Hunting


Brian K. McDonald, MCDBA, MCSD
Business Intelligence Consultant – Pragmatic Works Consultants

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