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SSIS Tips: Watch Your Variables!

  • 14 December 2011
  • Author: ShawnHarrison
  • Number of views: 58811

In today?s post, I will give you some tips on monitoring the values of your variables when working with SSIS packages in BIDS. We can look at two different situations.


First, I will show how to view variable values when using loop containers. Once you have a loop container configured, right click on it and select ?Edit Breakpoints?. This will open the breakpoints menu.



Select the the last option. This will stop the package at the beginning of each loop. Now, execute the package. The package will prepare to execute, but it will stop, waiting for you to click the continue button.



In the tool bar, click Debug > Windows > Watch > Watch 1. This will open a watch window at the bottom of the screen.




Type the name of the variable you want to watch. It must be typed exactly the way it was typed when you created it. You will see the starting value of the variable.



Each time you click continue, you will see the value of the variable at the beginning of each loop.



The next scenario uses a fun little troubleshooting technique. Let?s say you have a SQL task that sets the value of a variable and you want to see what the value is at a certain point in the package. Put a script task in the package at the point where you want to see the value.



Open the script and set the language to VB. Select the variable in question as a ?ReadWriteVariable?.




Click the ?Edit Script? button and insert the following code.


All I am doing here is taking the value of the variable and putting it into a message box. Execute the package and you will see a message box with the value at that point in time.



Both of these techniques will only work when executing packages in BIDS. For more information on watching variables in packages that have been deployed and scheduled, check out BI xPress.

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