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«February 2016»

Power BI Publish to Web for Anonymous Access is Here

Earlier this week on Wednesday the Microsoft Power BI made an incredibly exciting announcement and released Power BI “publish to web” as a preview feature. This is HUUUUGE news! This was probably the top requested feature and its finally here thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Microsoft Power BI team!

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Power BI “publish to web” allows you to easily expose a Power BI report to the world through an iframe that can be embedded wherever you like.

To publish your Power BI report to the web, log into your Power BI site.

Find the report that you want to share and click File in the top left.
Power BI publish to web

You’ll see a message pop up box similar to below. Click the yellow button to create the embed code.
Power BI publish to web preview

This is where you’ll see a very important warning!
WARNING: Reports that you expose through the “publish to web” feature will be visible to everyone on the internet! This means NO AUTHENTICATION is required to view the report that is embedded in your application.
warning 2

Once you do that, you’ll receive an embed code that you can then use to expose your Power BI report within your blog as seen below!

As you can see the report maintains all the interactivity features of Power BI. And as your Power BI report updates and changes, those changes will be reflected in your embedded Power BI reports!

Pretty awesome!

Additional Resources

Read the Power BI “publish to web” announcement here.

Read the Power BI “publish to web” documentation here.


Let me know what you think of this feature or if you have any questions. Leave a comment down below.

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2010 First Quarter Goals

I have been reading several blog postings about 2010 goals. First, I want to applaud all of you for setting goals for the entire year. Moreover, I would like to say that I admire those that can actually achieve their annual goals, like my good friend Steve Jones. Can you all believe that he ran everyday last year? Congratulations Steve!!.

My goals tend to change as the year progresses. As a result, I decided to focus on setting quarterly instead of annual goals. Some may think that I lack ambition and drive. Well, I laugh in your face. Sometimes setting such long-term goals tend to be overwhelming and often my focus changes therefore my goals change. So here are my first quarter goals:

1. Learn everything I can about SQL Server Analysis Server

2. Two blog postings per week.

3. Publish two articles

4. Speak at a minimum of three events (SQLSaturday, SQLLunch, PASS Virtual Chapter, etc…)

5. Schedule SQL Lunch speakers for the rest of the year (at least 2 per month)

6. Submit 2 videos to SQL Share

7. Submit an abstract to SQL Server Standard (Grant Fritchey)

For some of you more ambitious people this may seem like a short list, but remember this is only for the first quarter of 2010. Every couple of weeks I will post a progress chart from the previous two weeks.

Talk to you soon

Patrick LeBlanc, found

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