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denglishbi said:

Not sure if I would consider the Time Intelligence feature a shortcoming since this is an extremely useful feature for users that are not your typical BI developers that work with SSAS or MDX.  For the more advanced users that would want more control over the Time Intelligence they would want to build this out in the SSAS solution which would allow it to be used by additional tools such as SSRS, Excel, etc. that might not be part of a dashboard.

MarkGstacey said:

Perhaps I didn't elaborate enough on the Time Intelligence feature.


I honestly believe the TI is an awesome feature, and even for more advanced users represents a great deal of time saving.


However, it can only be mapped to a standard date calendar, and not a fiscal calendar.


The problem is that end users will OFTEN want to see something by fiscal period rather than calendar month - more often than not in fact.



So the difference becomes "I can drop a TI control to pass a calendar month to a scorecard (or report or what have you) in 5 minutes, but to create an equivalent to have a dropdown that will pass the current fiscal period/last fiscal period takes days of work"


To me, this is a shortcoming, a large shortcoming. I would LOVE to be able to use STPS to pass Fiscal Periods or Calendar Period, perhaps by using FiscalDay or FiscalMonth, and relying on the mapping in SSAS.


In fact, for my current project it's enough of a shortcoming that I'm coding a custom PerformancePoint to enable reusability of a filter that passes Fiscal periods.

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