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shauntih said:
I'm trying to use a conditional split to discard rows before saving data to a flat file destination. The conditional split doesn't appear to be working. I have two conditions (which contain what I want to discard) and the default output is what I want to keep. I have the default output going to the destination file. Unfortunately, the split isn't working and all data is being passed to the file. I imported the data into a test table and ran the following queries against it, verifying there are 5 rows total which should be excluded. ------------- Discard condition 1 (1 row): select * from Report1 where [Patient Status] = 'P' and [Admit Date - Date only] is null Discard condition 2 (4 rows): select * from Report1 where [Patient Type] = 'ED' and [Discharge Date] is null and [Insurance 1 Plan Code] ='' ------------- The conditional split conditions are listed below: ------------- Discard condition 1: [Patient Status] == "P" && ISNULL([Admit Date - Date only]) Discard condition 2: [Patient Type] == "ED" && ISNULL([Discharge Date]) && [Insurance 1 Plan Code] == "" ------------- I am clearly missing something. I cannot figure out why this isn't working. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
DevinKnight said:
You likely need a conditional expression (?:) with the ISNULL.
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