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January 2012 Speaking Events

  • 9 January 2012
  • Author: DevinKnight
  • Number of views: 2895

It has been a quiet past few months while my family has adjusted to having
two new additions (twins!), but I have slowly been working my way back into
several speaking events.  Having said that January is a busy month of events and
I thought I would share them in case you are interested in attending any of

Date: 01/12/2012

Group: South East Michigan SQL Server User Group

Topic: Creating Dashboards with PerformancePoint Services

This is a user group that I will be speaking virtually for but is based in
Detroit.  I’m really looking forward to this one for a couple reasons.  First,
the group is run by Joe Fleming (@MuadDBA) who is a great guy.  I’ve actually
spoke for the group several months ago while Brian Knight and I were in Detroit
for a SSAS Workshop.  The group is also run by Rick Brewis who is by far one of
the best MS Technology Specialist I’ve met.  The other reason I’m looking
forward to this event is because I really love the topic.  PerformancePoint is
such a fun tool and I love showing it off to people and see the “wow” in their
eyes as they imagine using it themselves.

Date: 01/19/2012

Group: Pragmatic Works Webinar

Topic: Extending Reporting Services with Custom Code

This webinar is free and is a
part of the webinar series that Pragmatic Works runs twice a week.  This session
is designed to give you a preview of one of topics that will be discussed in the
new Pragmatic Master SSRS 2008 class.  The class will be taught later in January
and is basically and Advanced Reporting Services class… but hey Master is better
for marketing.

Date: 01/30/2012 – 02/02/2012

Group: Pragmatic Works Training

Topic: Pragmatic Master SSRS 2008

This class is a 4 day class that is 3 hours a day. 
It is designed as “next step” from the traditional SSRS 2008 class that
Pragmatic Works offers.  This is considered an Advanced class so be prepared for
more difficult topics than traditional Reporting Services sessions.  Topics will
include .Net integration, reporting off a cube and scaling Reporting

Full list of speaking events past, present and future can be found on my

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