SSAS - Defining Attribute Relationships in 2005 and 2008

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gagan8877 said:

Hi Devin

This is an awesome article. This concept is really vague and you are the first one to explain it nicely, atleast out of the google hits that I got from searching SSA attribute member properties. My question is related to ver 2005 - by default all attributes will be shown as "L" under the key attribute date.

1. So if I am creating a user defined hierarchy, I should remove the ones (under attribute hierarchy) and drag them to appropriate levels to match user defined hierarchy?

2. If the answer to the above is YES, What happens if I dont? OR what benefit do I get from doing the above?


Gary, Toronto

DevinKnight said:

Right, if you create a user defined hierarchy then you will need to drag the L shapes under the appropriate level.  If you do not do this then it can effect performance of the attributes, security, member properties... and several other things.  This is the number 1 thing I see not done when i'm called in to performance tune a poorly performing cube.



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