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A Simple Twitter Console Application

  • 17 December 2009
  • Author: Brian Knight
  • Number of views: 7536

I've been working this week to automate the's twitter connectivity and to do so, decided to build a quick Twitter interface to communicate with BIDN.  I needed a simple console application that could be called via a trigger or a SQL Agent Job (my actual method).

The entire application winds up only being a 50 lines of code or so. Essentially from a command line, you pass in your twitter account, password, the message and optional URL. If you pass a URL in, it will be converted to TinyURL (if it's shorter than your URL). The return will either give you a success or a failure in XML from the console.

Call TweetConsole as shown below:



TweetConsole.exe UserName Password "My twitter message in quotes" ""

Then whalla, a DBAs way to integrate twitter into a database for posting at least. It isn't the prettiest applicaton but it works Laughing

Download TweetConsole

I'd love to hear if you actually use it! The benefit for me is now on BIDN any new blog posts gets automatically tweeted.

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Brian Knight

Brian KnightBrian Knight

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