SELECT COUNT(*) vs COUNT(1) vs COUNT(ColumnName)

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stirone said:
I'm not so sure COUNT(*) and COUNT(1) are the same. I definitely had a situation recently where COUNT(1) ran significantly faster than COUNT(*) -- I'll have to look around for that example for the details. I read somewhere that COUNT(*) lets the optimizer pick the most favorable column for providing a count. Don't know if that helps distinguish the diffs, but thought I would mention it. I'll see if I can find that COUNT(1) usage somewhere when I get back to work on Monday...
kwymore said:
I have always heard that the count function is optimized for count(*). However, I never have gotten a good explanation on what is meant by optimized exactly. It is probably what you mentioned about the optimizer picking the best candidate column. I would have thought though that doing count(1) would be marginally faster since the optimizer wouldn't even have to look over the columns at all?
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