Building an Effective Data Warehouse Architecture with Hadoop, Cloud and MPP

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Uploaded by Keith on 8/5/2015
As a follow-on to the presentation “Building an Effective Data Warehouse Architecture”, this presentation will discuss how Hadoop, the cloud and massively parallel processing (MPP) is changing the way data warehouses are being built. We will talk about the many hybrid architectures that combine on-premise data with data in the cloud as well as relational data and non-relational (unstructured) data. This is possible via technologies such as PolyBase, HDInsights (on-prem or in Azure), and Hadoop clusters. Also, “big data“, such as twitter data run through social sediment analysis or simply many TB’s of data, are stressing SMP data warehouses causing companies to look to MPP solutions. We will look at the benefits of MPP over SMP and how it allows easier integration of real-time data, especially from Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Many hybrid scenarios will be presented along with the pros and cons of each to help you determine the best solution for your data warehouse now and for the
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