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SSRS - Table Row Visibility onMultiple pages

  • 21 October 2013
  • Author: Surendra
  • Number of views: 12346

SSRS Table Row Visibility on Each Page:

Step 1: we have health facility table in our report ,it contain health facility,ownership etc.. as headers

When we go to 2nd page ,these headers are not appeared and  only it appears the  detail level follows.

Page 1:




So in this report we want repeat row headers on each page like below


Step 2:

Right click on Column group button and select advanced mode


Then it will  appear as static group


Step 3:

Then we select row group and click on properties tab, then we find in properties window

Check it as true as mentioned below

1. KeepTogether               --------------True

2. RepeateOnNewPage  ----------------True



Step 4:

We get headers in 2nd Page also etc..





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