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SSRS - Insert details section under existing group

  • 10 July 2013
  • Author: Eric D
  • Number of views: 12082

How to add a details section below an already created group.

What I have currently:


And what I would like to have:


Here are the steps how to make this happen:

1. Right-click on code_group and add a child group
and specify JobNum, which leaves you at:


2. Right-click on JobNum and add an outside row
above group, which leaves you at:

3. Copy paste Code_Group up one row

4. Right-click on JobNum column and add
Child-group, specifying ‘Show Detail data’, which leaves you at: 


5. In the Row Groups section, select the drop down
next to the JobNum group and “Delete Group”

6. In the resulting pop-up, select “Delete group

7. Delete the column labeled “Group1”

8. In the resulting pop-up, select “Delete columns
only”, which brings you to the desired state:



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Eric Dedronen

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