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SSIS- Source file will be divided into Multiple Destinations

  • 14 April 2013
  • Author: Surendra
  • Number of views: 9536


Source file will be divided into Multiple Destinations.

Task Description:

We have 3 Different Sources and want to Combine and Split the data and Load data into 2 Destinations.

Step 1:

We have 3 Sources i.e.

Source 1: Oledb

Source 2: Flat File

Source 3: Excel


Step 2:

Combine these 3 sources

First I want to combine 2 sources and make it as one source here I am using Merge Transformation like below fig…

 Before going to join First I convert the data types by using Data conversion transformation why bcoz here our example we have flat file source when we join flat file source we must change the data types.


When we want use Merge transformation we must use Sort Transformation.


Step 3: 

In this step I combine 3 Sources by using Union all Transformation it loads all data from multiple sources.


Step 4: 

Then using Multicast Transformation we Split Data into Different Destinations

Step 5: 

By using Derived Column Transformation Split Emp table Data


By using Another Derived Column Transformation Split Department Table Data


 Step 6: 

Load Employee Data into One Table/Destination and Dept Data into another Destination



Step 7: 

Final out Put is




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