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Repeat table on each page

  • 23 February 2012
  • Author: domshar
  • Number of views: 5953

I have a requirement, I have three different talbles to display in report. First two table consist just one row each and the thrid table would have several rows....Now depending on the number of rows in the third table I have to provide the page break, which I achieved using Group and RowNumber together. But then if the third table repeats for more than one page, then I need to have the previous two table to repeat as well. The value in the first two tables remains the same in each page that it repeats, but the value in the third table keeps changing. Now columns for each table are not same, it is not like simple, summary table on top and detial at bottom, which has same columns. I have different columns in each table.

Now I tried to achieve this using rectangle and text in rectangle. I have used the option to works but then when I try to export all the pages to pdf..the first two tables are not exported along with pages...

IS there any way to keep repeating tables on each page which are linked with other table???


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