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Questions on Power Maps for Excel 2013.

  • 7 November 2013
  • Author: Anil
  • Number of views: 13799

Hello to all,

Been quite long time, I really miss the blogging world. This blog is mainly about the question that I asked on the webinar.

Just recent, I have attended the Pragmatic Works free webinar by @Devin Knight on ‘’ Touring your Data with Power Maps’

Which is quite interesting and knowledgeable.

One can learn about the power map and power query through the Microsoft site or the link below.

Here are some question that I have asked.

1. Does it only works for US states geographic locations or we can customize to use power map based on other countries too.

Ans: currently I think it only works in US but Power Map might have include the other country states zips, Geo locations.

I hope it should include in order to analysis based on country level and particular country state, zip level .Power Map should customize to add more countries Geo locations in it’s list.

2.Also can we drill down to zip level from state level based on the hierarchy level inside using power map only?

Ans: No we can’t but it can be done by power view.

I think how about creating layer1 as in power map and also creating sub layer of that layer 1(i.e as sub report) where we can achieve such result if needed.

3.Does Power map only support Bing map or we can use Google map too?

Ans: No we can’t use Google maps. Since excel is the product of Microsoft simple :)

4.How many huge data values or sets can power map render/loads and how fast.

Could not get the answer from Devin :).

I think it only works in Office Professional Plus 2013 or office 365 Power BI which is really hot topic to learn these days.

Power BI , Power query and Power Map for excel 2013 seems quite interesting and we should make up our mind and time to play along with it. It’s quite interesting and am trying to play with these stuffs.

One can download the Power query from

One can download the Power Map Preview from

webinar link:

Power BI App :


Anil Maharjan

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