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Intro to SSIS Webinar Follow-up

  • 30 April 2014
  • Author: ShawnHarrison
  • Number of views: 13388


Thanks to all who attended yesterday?s webinar. Since I ran short on time and wasn?t able to answer any questions, here are all the questions and their answers.


     Q: Does the lookup transform require the data (join key) to be sorted?

     A: No sorting required. The Merge Join requires a sort, but not the Lookup transform.


     Q: Could you have used "False"?

     A: This was a question in regards to an SSIS expression that was used to check a boolean value in a column. In                 the expression I used ?0? to represent False. To answer the question, yes, you can use false (without the                   double quotes). Either one works. I used ?0? just so I could also explain type casting.


     Q: What tool is being used to snapshot or freeze the screen and to zoom in?

     A: That would be ZoomIt. Search for it on Codeplex! It is amazing!


     Q: When I use SSIS to read data from xml file I would like to read created date for this xml file, but I can't. Can you           help me?

     A: Not possible with the XML source component. You will need to read the properties of the file itself. The easiest              way to do this is with Task Factory, using the File Properties Task. Check it out here.



Thanks again everyone! Look for my next webinar in June on using Data Quality Services in SSIS 2012!

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