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Hiding totals in some cells in Matrix report

  • 24 December 2009
  • Author: ashishnaik1
  • Number of views: 5768


In SSRS 2005, it is challenging to hide some cells when using Matrix report. I was working on one report where I need to show premiums and ratios in matrix report.

Users want to group data at 2 levels (group and sub group) and wants total for each sub group and Grand Total by Group.


Since Matrix report was an obvious choice, one challenge was to hide the totals of Ratios columns (as ratio is in percentage, it is non additive). After “Googling”  many web sites and spend considerable amount of time I found a workable solution. I hope this will help to many others.


Here is the step by step guide. ( I assume you have already created a DataSet for the report)




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