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Foundation class by PragmaticWorks! Blog Post: #1

My name is Mitchell Pearson and I'm currently in the Foundation class presented by PragmaticWorks. First of all I would like to thank Brian Knight and the team at PragmaticWorks for presenting this class.

The class is very fast paced and covers a lot of material in a short amount of time. However the team members here have been extremely helpful and encouraging.


I decided last night that I was going blog about the difference between Primary Keys and Foreign Keys. I was having a little trouble understanding the difference of the two and how they related to each other. Yesterday morning Dustin Ryan explained the relationship to me in all of 1 minute and I had one of those "ah-ha!" moments.

So after one hour of blogging, two pages of text, and multiple tables I've decided it would be easier to confuse everyone through a new book i'm publishing, "Primary Keys versus Foreign Keys, if you really want to get confused!".

Thanks for reading my first blog. And please feel free to give me feedback on what I can do to improve blogging going forward. Title Name, Format, Txt used, anything would help!

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